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Food Safety

The safety of the load affects our customers' reputation and the health of the general public. Providing solutions that help ensure the safety of food as it travels from grower to warehouse, and warehouse to store, is one of the most important things we do.
  • Wireless communication system monitors refrigeration units, and advises there actions are required to maintain the safety of the load.
  • Truck units feature advanced scroll compressors with dramatically fewer moving parts to improve reliability.
  • Over-the-road units have an unmatched reliability record. Walk into any truck stop in the world and ask the men and women who depend on Thermo King exactly how good our equipment is.
  • Multi-temp units allow companies in the food beverage industries to deliver mixed loads which require different transport temperatures.
  • Data loggers can monitor up to four separate compartments, keeping a record of load temperatures throughout the trip, thus reducing the customer's liability.
  • Truck and trailer units with technologically advanced microprocessors continuously self-monitor and self-troubleshoot to prevent breakdowns.

Best Practices for Transport Temperature Control

A full range of solutions for your business from the food safety experts.

Thermo King is committed to helping you maintain the highest standards for food safety & quality.

As the leader in transport refrigeration, Thermo King is committed to delivering solutions that enable your business to maintain the highest food safety and quality standards. As you know, today there is an even greater focus on maintaining the safety and integrity of your food cargo.

You can trust the experts at Thermo King to help you develop a food safety plan that meets the needs of your particular business. Let us help you choose from a full range of food safety product and training options to tailor the right solution for you.

  • Traceability and Documentation Solutions:
    • Service Watch / Download
    • Cargo Watch / Cargo Print
    • DAS (Data Acquisition System)
    • SR-3 Control System with USB
    • Datalogger Jr.
    • TKDL – Independent Dataloggers
  • Real-Time Monitorying Solutions:
    • TracKing Telematics
    • 3rd party Telematics Gateway
  • Temperature Management Solutions:
    • Optiset Plus
    • Door Switches
    • ETV (Electronic Throttling Valve)
    • Wireless Sensors
  • Maintenance Program Solutions:
    • SVC ThermoGard Maintenance Programs
  • Transport Temperature Control Risk Management Solutions:
    • Best Practices Training for Loading and Unloading
    • Pre-Trip Units Prior to Loading
    • Pre-Cooling Unit Prior to Loading

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Food Safety Modernization Act Resources

Food Safety Brochure.PNG

Food Safety Brochure

USDA 669 Protecting Perishable Foods

USDA 669 Protecting Perishable Foods

Seafood Trace Guide.PNG

Seafood Trace Guide


Power Point Presentation

Risk Management.PNG

Risk Management Brochure

Risk Checklist.PNG

Risk Managment Loading Check List




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